LEGIOS LOCO is the only producer in the Czech Republic not only producing, modernising and repairing railway cars of all types but financing their own research and development (R&D) at the same time. In their R&D centre they develop, design and innovate products for the whole rail transport industry.
The R&D centre is an integrated workplace providing development and construction works, carrying out measurements and analyses of technical parameters, providing technical consultancy, designing, technical designs of locomotives and wagons as well as construction documents. Of course, it also secures production of functional samples, forms and prototypes.
Close cooperation with expert workplaces abroad, the use of modern equipment and a long-term know-how ensure the greatest possible technical and technological advancement and quality of R&D centre outputs. In its R&D centre LEGIOS LOCO develops, designs and innovates products for the whole rail transport industry.

Cooperation Principles in DevelopmenT

  1. Specialised know-how, a compact offer of development and constructional activities and innovative technical solutions ensure that LEGIOS LOCO meets more and more demanding customers’ expectations, stricter safety and environmental regulations, enhanced performance and increasing pressure on price.
  2. Whether it is the development of a new locomotive, freight wagon, the reconstruction of used cars or a renovation of a historical car, all designed products have to fulfil strict conditions of operation at Czech and international railways.
  3. The Department of Construction and Development Technology is equipped with modern software tools for the development and modernisation of railway cars. Wagons, locomotives and rolling stock parts are developed by highly experienced and qualified design engineers.
  4. Prototypes, models and functional samples are produced in LEGIOS LOCO by experts with many years of practical experience. Requirements and tailored solutions can therefore be taken into account in various manufacturing process phases. Professional knowledge and our software equipment are a solid basis for the enhancement of processes during the production of exact and functional prototypes.

Development and design work