Modernisation and Reconstruction of Wagons

Modernisation or reconstruction of your railway freight and passenger cars and locomotives in LEGIOS LOCO company increases driving and utility value of cars. Moreover, cars acquire modern technical parameters according to new European trends, their safety improves and the new alterations protect the environment on railways. LEGIOS LOCO offers affordable solutions for the modernisation of your  wagons.

Modernisation of wagons in LEGIOS LOCO:

  • Increases the utility qualities and value of wagons without any negative impact on environmental policies and railway traffic safety
  • enhances the driving qualities of wagons
  • supplies wagons with modern parameters in accordance with new trends
  • lowers operating and maintenance costs (by using new technologies and components)
  • facilitates operation for operators (in wagon loading and unloading)
  • enhances railway traffic safety
  • eliminates operational restrictions and risks

LEGIOS LOCO offers other modernisation services:

  • to ensure smooth unloading of wagons for powder materials, LEGIOS LOCO carries out surface treatment of the inside (cargo space) by blasting the first coat, RAL 3012 2K 60 microns, on the surface, and the finishing coat, RAL 8012 2K 500 microns, by a special acceptable Wimadur coating composition
  • change in flap control in Falls cars (individual control of each flap)
  • to ensure no load loss during the transport of loaded goods in Falls cars LEGIOS LOCO offers sealing the flaps on the sides and the bottom by A403 rubber profile
  • in order to secure an operational mode compliant with RIV requirements, LEGIOS LOCO is ready to carry out reconstruction with the implementation of a Y 25 CS II underframe according to delivered design drawings
  • change of fittings, installation of insulation or change of the tank wagons outlets
  • complete change of boiler or wagon body
  • increase of wagon bearing capacity by frame reinforcement (especially for siding operation)
  • overall change of railway wagon construction