Hopper Wagon Faccns 49 m³

A four-axle bogie wagon with the capacity of 49 m3 for the transport of sand and gravel is equipped with two Y25 Lsi(f)  two-axle bogies with an integrated Knorr CFCB/or Wabtec IBB 10 compact brake and a maximum axle load of 22.5 tons with a certificate of conformity with TSI.
The welded body consists of two stems connected with two external stringers with cross braces. The wagon is designed for discharging goods by its own gravitation, dosing on either both sides, or one side according to the operator’s choice, with 2+2 isosceles trapezoid slots.
The discharging traps are operated individually pneumatically from the side of the wagon, or from the stem. There is also a manual control available by a ratchet with a torque increaser, or a manual transmission. The wagon is equipped with an auxiliary extension of the rigid feeder for discharging the goods behind or between the rails. The brake block is certified according to TSI, with a type of composite blocks approved by the European Railway Agency (ERA) corresponding to UIC 543/544-1. Each bogie is equipped with a load sensor.

Technical parameters

Max. weight per axle
22 500 kg
Weight of the loaded wagon
90 000 kg
Loading weight
68 500 kg
Track Gauge
1 435 mm
Loading space
49 m³
Y 25 Lsi (f)
Distance between bogie pivots
7 880 mm
Length over buffers
12 680 mm
Empty wagon weight
21 500 kg
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