Hopper Wagon Faccns 48 m³

A four-axle bogie wagon with a capacity of 48 m3 designed for the transport of sand and gravel is equipped with two Y25 Lsi-C, Y25 Lsif-C double-axle bogies, or Y25 Lsi, Y25 Lsif  certified bogies of own production. These are bogies with an integrated Knorr CFCB compact brake designed for a maximum axle load of 22.5 t and an “s” brake system.

Technical parameters

Max. weight per axle
22 500 kg
Weight of the loaded wagon
90 000 kg
Loading weight
68 800 kg
Track Gauge
1 435 mm
Loading space
48 m³
Y25 Lsi-C, Y25 Lsif-C, alternativně Y25 Lsi, Y25 L
Knorr CFCB
Distance between bogie pivots
7 880 mm
Length over buffers
12 680 mm
Empty wagon weight
21 200 kg
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