Tank Wagon Zaens 40 m³

A four-axle tank wagon with the capacity of 88 m3 is designed for the transport of hazardous liquids (according to RID regulation) and it meets technical specifications for interoperability (TSI WAG). A wagon with a low weight of 20.8 t which was achieved because of a new frame conception with external stringers, new tank seating and the use of Y25 bogies with single-sided brake (H-frame) with mechanical bars. The maximum speed of an empty wagon is 120 km/h. The maximum speed of a loaded wagon is 100 km/h at a maximum axle load of 22.5 t. The wagon is made for G1 outline according to TSI WAG and corresponds to temperature class TRIV. It is in accordance with strength conditions under EN 12663-1, -2 and ERRI B 12/RP 17. The underframe of the wagon is made of S355J2+N material according to EN 10025-2. The tank is placed on and welded to the seats. It is welded from two dished ends and a few frames, it is symmetrically broken longwise in the half. It is reinforced with four rings to prevent external overpressure. In the upper of the tank there is a DN 500 manhole part with a drop lid, DN 50, DN 80, DN 150 necks and in the bottom part there are mechanically operated discharge fittings with a forced ventilation valve consisting of three caps according to RID . The wagon is equipped with two Y25 Lsd
 two-axle bogies with a maximum axle weight of 22.5 t. The bogies have homologated wheels for international traffic with the certificate of conformity with TSI WAG. The wheelset, compact wheels with a diameter of 920 mm and axles are in accordance with TSI WAG requirements. The wagon has a pressure brake with a G (load regime) and P (personal regime) empty-loaded mechanical adjuster in S brake regime. The wheelsets are braked single-sidedly by C810 composite brake blocks in Bgu design. The wagon is equipped with category A buffers with a stroke of 105 mm and a 1 MN coupling system. The wagon is in accordance with the latest applicable regulations under European legislature TSI WAG, VSP, UIC.

Technical parameters

Max. weight per axle
22 500 kg
Weight of the loaded wagon
90 000 kg
Loading weight
69 200 kg
Track Gauge
1 435 mm
2 × Y25 Lsd
KE-GP (K) / DK-GP (K)
Distance between bogie pivots
9 960 mm
Length over buffers
15 000 mm
Empty wagon weight
20 800 kg
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