Tank wagon Zacns 95 m³

A four-axle bogie tank wagon is designed for the transport of liquids according to RID.

The underframe
The welded spinal construction consists of two stems connected with two IPE 270 profiles. On the stems, which are of the same length of 1,900 m according to the UIC regulation, there are 4 pcs of seats for mounting the tank. The frame of the underframe has spatial and strength preparation for installation of an automatic coupler. On each side there are two hooks for a towing rope. Used metal sheets and rolled, or bent, sections are next to the main steel girder with a guaranteed tensile yield point of 355 MPa, and other steel parts with a guaranteed tensile yield point of 235 MPa. The construction temperature level of the stated materials corresponds to the outside temperature class Ts (-25 to +45 °C).
A tank pressure vessel.
A tank with a volume of 93 m3 is welded from two dished ends and a few frames, it is symmetrically broken longwise in the half with the incline of 1°. The tank is reinforced with six rings to prevent external overpressure. The tank is in accordance with EN, ČSN and RID regulations. The tank is equipped with a discharging device located under the surface of the transported liquid which consists of 3 valves.
In the upper part of the tank there is a DN 500 manhole with a drop lid according to EN 12 561 part 6, DN 150 and DN 80 neck fixed with a GP DN 80 Flexotech coupler. With these necks it is possible to create overpressure in the container from an external source for the purpose of testing the container or pressure discharging.

Technical parameters

Track Gauge
1 435 mm
Y25 Ls1-K
Distance between bogie pivots
11 460 mm
Length over buffers
16 500 mm
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