Tank Wagon Zacns 88 m³

The four–axle bogie car with the capacity of 88 m3 is designed to transport dangerous substances in the liquid condition, according to the RID regulation.
The car corresponds to the latest effective European legislative TSI WAG, GCU and UIC regulation.

Technical parameters

Max. weight per axle
22 500 kg
Weight of the loaded wagon
90 000 kg
Loading weight
69 200 kg
Track Gauge
1 435 mm
2 x Y25 Lsd
KE-GP (K) / DK-GP (K)
Distance between bogie pivots
9 960 mm
Length over buffers
15 000 mm
Empty wagon weight
20 800 kg
88 m3
Testing pressure
0,4 MPa
Tank Code
No data found

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