Tank Wagon Zacns 62 m³

A four-axle bogie tank wagon designed for the transport of liquids according to the RID regulation. It is in accordance with TSI and UIC regulations. On one end there is a crossing platform with a hand brake.

A railway tank pressure vessel
The tank (material P355 N in accordance with EN 10028-3) with the volume of 62 m3 is reinforced with four rings to prevent external overpressure. It corresponds to EN, ČSN and RID regulations.
It discharges either by gravitation through a hydraulically operated DN 100 centric valve in combination with a forced aerations hydraulic valve and a DN 80 gas recycling circuit operated from the ground, or in case of discharging from the top by a DN 80 ascending pipe with a DN 50 delivery branch.
Filling can be done through a DN 500 manhole (according to EN 12 561-6) or through a DN 150 filler neck.
The paging clearance enables to assemble shut fittings.
The DN 500 manhole and necks can be accessed through the upper framed bridge with an exit ladder situated on the side of the tank according to EN 12561-7.
The explosion resistant pressure vessel at a calculation pressure of 10 bars is assigned a tank code L10BH.

Technical parameters

Track Gauge
1 435 mm
Y25 Ls1-K
KE-GP 12\"
Distance between bogie pivots
9 360 mm
Length over buffers
14 400 mm
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