Articulated Container Wagon Sggmrss 90´

An articulated container wagon Sggmrss 90´ with three two-axle bogies. 9-578.0 type designed for the transport of 20´, 30´, 40´, 45 long containers, and 6.05-8.15 m, 9.125-9.3 m, 12.192 m, 13.6 m large swap bodies.
The innovation is based on meeting all actual requirements of standards on the static and dynamic strength and on equipping the wagon with a pneumatic DAKO brake.
The wagon consists of two separated carrier parts A, B of similar construction, connected with the articulation of Talbot type. There are 36 hinged locating pins for containers in total on the frame. Every wagon part has 18 hinged locating pins in the upper frame to fix and secure the transported containers or swap bodies. Only those locating pins which correspond to the size of the container (swap body) stay in the work position at the loading. The other ones stay in the transport position.
  • Block brake: system DAKO GP- A, with a self-adjusting load-proportional braking, ss-capable
  • Hand brake: parking screw brake, operated from both wagon sides, acting on the middle bogie
  • Plunger buffer, non-rotating, 450 MINER, Category A

Technical parameters

Track Gauge
1 435 mm
3 x Y25 Ls(s)d1
Distance between bogie pivots
2x 12 025 mm
Length over buffers
29 590 mm
Empty wagon weight
27 900 kg
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