About us

Production of railway wagons. Repairs, modernisation, renovation.
LEGIOS LOCO was established in Louny in 1873 as a rolling stock repair shop. Gradually, the production of new wagons as well as the construction of production plants for repairs, service and modernization of all rolling stock developed.
Today, LEGIOS LOCO with long tradition, investments in modern technologies and own development centre belongs among the oldest and biggest European producers and providers of rolling stock repair shops.
Key LEGIOS LOCO activities include:
  • the production and sale of new railway freight wagons and railway spare parts
  • service, repairs, modernization and remotorisation of all brands of used railway wagons
  • research and development, project and design activities.

Social Responsibility

In LEGIOS LOCO we place great emphasis on the quality of the environment and environment-friendly approach to all production and business activities.
Product development, production and sale with a minimum risk of detrimental effects on human health and the environment are one of the main LEGIOS’s LOCO objectives when it comes to social responsibility. The company implemented a health and safety management system OHSAS 18001, the environmental management system ISO 14001 and quality management system ISO 9001.
LEGIOS LOCO production plants continue cooperating with municipalities and non-profit organisations and follow social responsibility principles within their scope of activities. LEGIOS LOCO supports meaningful projects which guarantee particular benefits to people living in the municipalities influenced by the commercial activities of the company either on a local or regional level.


LEGIOS LOCO gives great importance to the quality of the environment and has an environmentally-friendly approach to all production and commercial activities. Allocated into generally beneficial activities, substantial funds are used for activities connected with the care of the environment, its protection and thoughtful development of production plants. 
An example is our joining an EKO-KOM educational program “A responsible company” which focuses on improving the recycling conditions within the society and raising awareness of the right waste handling. We are not indifferent to how we treat the environment and we see recycling as another step we would like to support as a part of our company’s environmental projects. 
Legios Loco certification
For LEGIOS LOCO quality means more than ordinary quality assurance. Customer’s satisfaction is at the forefront of the company’s management and all employees’ attention. LEGIOS LOCO attempts to meet technically demanding production requirements and secure the reliability of its products by applying modern production processes. An excellent after sale service and first-rate quality of customer care is commonplace.
The company established a new management system which includes a health and safety management system OHSAS 18001, environmental management system ISO 14001 and quality management system ISO 9001.

Legios is a holder of the following important certificates and licences:
  • Recognition by Eisenbahn-Bundesamt Bonn EBA to perform welding works on the tanks of tank wagons for transportation of hazardous load in line with RID.
  • Certificate of qualification issued by the Rail Transportation Control Office of the Czech Republic for carrying out welding works on the tanks of the railway tank wagons designed for transportation of hazardous materials in line with RID
  • Certificate by a brake equipment producer DAKO-CZ Třemošnice to perform repairs of DAKO braking units.
  • Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001
  • Quality System ISO 9001
  • Authorisation to perform inspections of wagons registered in České  Dráhy, Railion, ÖBB and ŽSR.
  • Environmental Management System ISO 14001
  • LEGIOS  LOCO – a certified centre of Knorr-Bremse SfSF GmbH and DAKO-CZ for brake devices repairs.
  • Authorisation granted by Czech Railways for carrying out repairs of rolling stock bogies mechanical parts in line with valid technical conditions.
  • Authorisation granted by the Czech Railways for the production and repairs of leaf springs of all types of railway cars in line with valid technical conditions.
  • Other various authorisations for the Czech Republic and other countries.


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